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How much does it cost to clean a condo in Plano, TX?

Woman cleaning blinds doing cleaning service in a condo in Plano, TX


Are you in Plano, Texas and trying to figure out how much it costs to clean a condo? Well, first things first: The pricing is going to be different than a house cleaning, because cleaning a condo involves unique considerations. And believe it or not, the pricing may also depend on where you live. Why? Because there are certain house cleaners that have special prices for certain condo complexes and there are also some house cleaning companies that increase the price depending on the address. 


So keep in mind, if your house cleaner hears  “Legacy ____” they may try to increase the rate based on the upscale nature of the condo complex. But we wont let you fall for that trick!


Let’s break down the costs and considerations to help you make an informed decision.


Condo Cleaning Prices in Plano, TX


Cleaning Type Number of Bedrooms Cleaning Price in Plano, TX
One Time Deep Clean 1-2 $150 – $220
Move In or Move Out Clean 1-2 $150 – $240
Recurring Cleaning (Bi-weekly) 1-2 $90 – $115
Recurring Cleaning (Monthly) 1-2 $120 – $135


Attention to Detail in Smaller Spaces


Condos, being more compact than houses, often demand more attention to detail because let’s face it: You’ll notice dirt more often in a 1,000 square foot condo than you will in a 4,000 square foot home! Here’s why:


  1. Limited Space: The smaller square footage of a condo requires thorough cleaning to ensure every nook and cranny is attended to.


  1. Close Quarters: Proximity to neighbors in a condo means maintaining a clean environment is not only for personal satisfaction but also for community living standards. Aka, it’s easier for your neighbors to judge 😉


  1. High Traffic Areas: Smaller spaces mean high-traffic areas can accumulate dirt faster, particularly common areas of your condo development like hallways, elevators and lobbies.  Meaning other people’s dirt is tracked into your home more often than in a home.  

Ceiling Height Considerations


Condos, compared to traditional houses, may have varying ceiling heights. This impacts cleaning in the following ways:


  1. Additional Reach: Higher ceilings might require specialized equipment  like an extension for the ceiling fans and a step stool to get bookshelves and other high areas. Make sure your cleaners come prepared! 


  1. Dust Accumulation: Taller ceilings in condo complexes may accumulate more dust and cobwebs than the average home, meaning regularly scheduled cleaning may need to occur at a higher frequency, i.e. weekly or every two weeks.

Balconies and Sliding Glass Doors


Many condos in Plano come with the added luxury of balconies or patios accessible through sliding glass doors. Here’s what to consider:


  1. Outdoor Spaces: Balconies and patios, though an added part of a floorplan are often the most overlooked areas to clean, especially if you dont get out there very often. If you are going to book a cleaning through a local house cleaning company,  make sure to mention that you’d like the balcony cleaned, as there may be an extra charge for that.  


  1. Access Points: Sliding glass doors like the ones mentioned above are common in condos. Ensuring these doors are spotless enhances the overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal so make sure that both sides of these doors get cleaned, not just the interior facing pane. 


  1. Included in Standard Cleaning: Cleaning the balcony and the associated sliding glass doors can often be included in standard cleaning services at no additional cost. That said, most house cleaning companies will always clean only interior facing glass doors so make sure to request that both sides of the glass doors are cleaned.


Making an Informed Decision


Whether you’re a condo owner or considering professional cleaning services, just remember these important cost considerations for cleaning. Clear communication with cleaning service providers about your specific needs ensures a clean and comfortable living space that aligns with your expectations.


In the next segment, we’ll delve into specific pricing details for different cleaning services tailored to condos in Plano, helping you plan your budget effectively.

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