We are still open! A note about home projects during Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Maid Service & House Cleaning FAQs

One of our reliable, background checked, pet-friendly crews.

Yes except on the rare instance of vacation or illness, we will notify you of a different crew covering for your household.

Just sit back and relax, let us do the rest.

Most of our customers provide us with a garage door code or lockbox so they are not home when we clean but we are glad to clean whether our valued customers are home or not, it’s our pleasure to serve.

Please give us a call during business hours at:


We offer various types of rotations: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and periodic.


Our monthly rotations (every 28 days) are available Monday – Wednesday.


Weekly and every other week visitations are available Monday – Friday depending upon schedule openings.


The reason for this is monthly visits take longer to perform. We want to protect each of our customer slots by never overbooking during our highest volume house cleaning days which are typically Thursday and Friday. If we’ve got you set up on a cleaning schedule and a discount based on frequency, your cleaning charge may increase based on the last time we visited. Why? Because those extra weeks mean a slightly dirtier house and a bit more time that we’ll be inside, making sure it’s spick and span!

If you have a dog, please leave a few treats out so we can make friends. If your dog is crated that has worked well in the past. We also let dogs out for a quick walk as well. We are here to help! For cats, we always guard the door and assume they will try to escape. Also, we leave the interior doors open so your cat can feel safe and have access to their favorite hiding places.

For our one-time house cleaning clients, the answer is yes. If you are a repeat service, we arrive at the first home between 8AM to 830AM. Generally, the second house cleaning we schedule is between 10 AM and 330PM arrival. Our strength is quality, our weakness is speed. Our crews take their time as a result, we are slow.

Absolutely, you can choose between a phone call, an email, or both.

Traditionally a deep cleaning takes twice as long as a regular cleaning. It is the same scope of work otherwise.

We are bonded and insured, so no worries there!

If you have special requests or supplies we are glad to incorporate them into your service. Otherwise, we provide all of our own high-end house cleaning equipment and house cleaning supplies.

Please email or call our customer service. We are here to help and pride ourselves on quick and responsive assistance.