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How Often Should My Bathroom Be Cleaned?

How Often Should My Bathroom Be Cleaned?

This should come as a surprise to no one: you need to be cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis. While we would’ve loved to tell you otherwise, as it’s no one’s favorite room to clean, this is simply one of those chores that you just can’t ignore. Why? It gets dirty more quickly and easily than we’d like to admit.

Everyone who uses your bathroom can leave a whole trail of dirt and germs behind, and these can spread rather quickly with normal bathroom activities. They can get on your toothbrush, your face cloth, your bath towel…you may even end up with something like staph in your bathtub!

As you can see, it’s important to stay on top of your bathroom cleaning routine. However, there is some good news here: you don’t necessarily have to clean it all from top to bottom every single time. Let’s take a look at how often you should be cleaning the different parts of your bathroom.



This is almost certainly where you’ll find most of the germs in your bathroom, so make sure you give your toilet the utmost attention at cleaning time. You’ll want to shoot for a thorough clean at least once a week, though you may want to give it a little more attention if you have a large household. If that’s the case, then consider wiping your toilet down with a disinfecting wipe every 2-3 days in addition to your weekly scrub. You may even want to do this daily if you have young kids, as they’re not really known for their attention to cleanliness!

Shower and Tub

It’s important to scrub your shower and tub area weekly, as a biofilm can form on its walls if you let it go for too long. If you want to cut down on your cleaning time, however, you should also consider drying the walls after each use. Wiping everything down with a cloth or squeegee after showering can help prevent germs and soap scum from sticking to the walls, so it’s worth taking the extra few seconds to make sure they’re dry.


It’s easy to treat the bathmat like any other rug in your house, but it typically needs more attention than the one in your living room. It is subject to the same germs and dirt as the rest of your bathroom, of course. Make sure you’re tossing it in the washer at least once a week, and letting it air-dry completely between uses. You may not be able to see the gunk it can accumulate, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Sink and Mirror

These may not be the grossest surfaces in your bathroom, but you should aim to thoroughly clean your sink and mirror at least once a week. After all, they’re usually still pretty close to the toilet, so there could be some germ-transfer here. In fact, you may want to clean your faucet spout and knobs much more frequently for this reason, as people’s hands don’t tend to be sparkling clean when they go to turn on the water.


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