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5 Simple Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathrooms are usually one of the messiest rooms in homes. Some days it may even seem like a new pile of clothes, towels, or toiletries appears every time you turn around! It makes sense though – bathrooms are one of the most heavily used areas in a house, especially if there are many people in the household. However, this doesn’t mean it HAS to be a mess all of the time! With a little time, effort, and creativity, it’s entirely possible to keep your bathroom clean and well-organized – especially with our simple bathroom organization tips. These tips will help you declutter your bathroom while keeping your hair products, body washes, towels, and more within easy reach. Let’s get started!

1) Keep The Bathroom Counters Clutter-Free

While it can be nice to have so many of your toiletries and such at hand, littering them around the bathroom sink isn’t the neatest option. So, try to minimize the number of items on your counter, and consider using a tray or bin to store items under the sink or on a shelf. 

Besides improving the appearance of your counters, this will also make it easier to clean them. If you have items you absolutely need on the counter, confine them to the back 1/3 of the bathroom counter space so that there is room for getting ready in front of the mirror.

2) Organize Your Cabinet Doors By Using the Insides

Add more storage to your bathroom by using the inside of cabinet doors. Over-the-door organizers are ideal for storing hair styling products or a variety of other items. Hanging face towels or cleaning clothes with command hooks is another option. It is easy to remove the hooks when it’s time to change things around, making it perfect for renters or those who like to switch up their space.

3) Use Drawer Dividers

Acrylic drawer dividers are a life-saver for busy, cluttered bathrooms! Everything has a “home” and finding what you are looking for is much quicker and easier with them. By storing similar items together, you will always know where to find everything. You may even want to use drawer liners to add a more personal touch. 

4) Add a Laundry Bin

If you’re like a lot of households, you’ll always find laundry in your bathroom at one time or another! Adding a small laundry bin can help to corral those items and make it easy to grab them when it is time to do a load. You can find laundry bins in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to fit the décor of your bathroom.

5) Hang Towels From Hooks

Hanging bath towels on hooks is easier than using a towel bar and allows the towel to dry more effectively. Therefore, try using towel bars for hand towels and reserve hooks for larger bath towels – one hook per family member would be ideal. This way, everyone knows exactly where their towel goes when they’re done using it.

The Bottom Line

It may be common for bathrooms to be cluttered in a home, but it doesn’t have to be! Just follow our simple bathroom organization tips, and you’ll have a neat and tidy bathroom in no time. Good luck!

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