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3 Benefits of Bed Making

How to make sure you are getting the most value out of your house cleaning service, including nicely made beds!

Do you make your bed every morning?

It turns out that a lot of us are pretty well on top of this daily task. In fact, a survey by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that about 71% of respondents reported making their bed nearly every day. The question is, why?

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with getting into an unmade bed. So why do many of us bother with this simple, mundane task?

Well, it seems like there’s more to making the bed than meets the eye. There are actually some real advantages to fluffing those pillows and smoothing out those sheets, so you may not want to give up on this daily chore just yet.


Here are 3 benefits of bed making.


1. Improves Sleep

Interestingly, that same NSF survey found that those who made their beds almost everyday were more likely to report having a good sleep almost every night. This could be great news for those with sleep troubles, as poor sleep has been linked to various negative health outcomes. For example, not only can it make it harder to focus during the day, but it can even increase the risk of heart disease and other medical conditions.

Yes, you may actually be improving your health by devoting a couple of minutes a day to making the bed! It’s hard to justify skipping out on such a simple task when it can get you these kinds of results.


2. Set the Tone for the Rest of the Day

Once you’ve woken up and made your bed, you’ve officially completed your first task of the day. It may be small, but hey, it’s something! This sense of accomplishment may motivate you to tend to your other responsibilities throughout the day, whether it’s going to the gym or just getting through another shift at work. You’ve already proved to yourself that you can be productive today, so what’s stopping you from completing your other tasks?

By making your bed in the morning, you’ll feel more organized and on top of things, and this will help set the tone of the rest of your day. You’ve got this!

3. Promotes Cleanliness

Have you ever noticed how much messier the rest of your room seems after you’ve made your bed? You may not have even thought about it before, but you may start to notice some of the little things that seem out of place: a few articles of clothing on the floor, maybe a couple of water glasses on the bedside table, a dirty pair of shoes by the door. Since you’re cleaning anyway, you may be tempted to take the extra minute or two to put these other things back in their place. You don’t want them to take the attention away from your beautifully made bed!

Making your bed in the morning may just be the kick that you need to clean up the rest of your room. And, if you’re feeling really motivated, maybe even the entire house!


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