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3 Things You Should Never Clean with Dish Soap

3 Things You Should Never Clean with Dish Soap

Cleaning is a necessary evil. We all have to do it, but no one enjoys it. That’s why it’s important to know what cleaning products to use for different tasks. Dish soap is great for dishes, but it’s not meant for other surfaces in your home. This blog post will discuss 3 things you should never clean with dish soap. Stay safe and avoid potential damage by using the right cleaning products for the job!

Hardwood Floors

Wood floors in your home are meant to take a beating, but neglecting to clean them properly might result in scratches and dullness. To properly clean them, start by sweeping or vacuuming any sand or grit that may cause microscopic scratches in the finish. Then moist-mopping the floors with a mild cleanser developed specially for wood flooring is required. “It’s critical to use the right cleaner for hardwood floors,” adds Bruce Johnson of Minwax. “Your soapy dishwashing water won’t work—and could leave a residue behind.”

What to Use Instead: Selecting a hardwood floor-care product like PolyCare will get the job done. Experts and Amazon customers highly praise it, claiming that it outperforms more expensive options. These additional strategies for keeping and cleaning your hardwood floors are good ideas.

Your Face

You might believe that dirt-busting dish soap is a beautiful, low-cost method to remove a day’s worth of sweat, makeup, and oil from your skin, but dermatologists think it’s an awful idea to use it on your face. According to South Carolina dermatologist Greta Zimmerman, DO, dish soap removes oil, which protects skin, especially in the winter.

What to Use Instead: “Use a mild cleanser where necessary and only where you need it. In America, we overwash—we target the dirty spots and don’t go too far.” Dr. Zimmerman recommends Cetaphil as a gentle, efficient, and safe cleanser for sensitive skin. If your skin is still tight after applying moisturizer, try these dermatologists’ top picks for the best moisturizers and anti-aging creams to help improve your appearance.


Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs to keep its natural oils. When you remove the natural emollients from leather, you might notice your good leather shoes, purses, and automobile seats cracking under strain. “Dish soap is fantastic for cleaning dirty sneakers—I use it on my kids’ shoes all the time,” explains David Mequita, a vice president of the Leather Spa in New York. “However, not on high-quality leather. It may be too harsh.”

What to Use Instead: Dirt should be removed with a damp cloth, and then a moisturizing product should be used to keep leather soft, according to some experts. This Cobbler’s Choice Co. leather conditioner is formulated with seed oils, triple-filtered beeswax, and naturally occurring lipids and is non-greasy. FYI, here are instructions for cleaning every sort of shoe.


Cleaning is a necessary part of life, but it’s essential to use the right products for the job. It may be great for dishes, but there are just some things you should never clean with dish soap, like hardwood floors, your face, or leather. Use mild cleansers and moisturizers instead to avoid potential damage.

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