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The Ultimate Guide to House Cleaning Frequency: Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly?

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Hi everyone, Emily again here to share some insight into a question we hear alot from new house cleaning customers here at Dallas Sunrise Maids, and that’s the question of “How often should we have ya’ll out to clean?”


Well, like pretty much everything in life except for death and taxes, the answer is it depends 🙂. So without further adieu, here’s my take on house cleaning frequency and what you need to think about to determine how often you should have your house cleaner come.


Now keep in mind, for our house cleaning company here in Plano, we only offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly recurring house cleaning. There are a number of great house cleaning companies in Plano who may offer different options like every three weeks or even every six weeks, but, well, that’s where we are so I’ll respond in terms of what we offer.


House Cleaning Frequency By Room

So there are areas of a home that are going to get dirty the moment we are done cleaning, like floors and countertops. There are other areas that may stay reasonably clean between your cleaning sessions such as blinds, air vents, and light fixtures.


Fans for example: While we are going to clean the fans for every visit, one can generally go at least two weeks and sometimes up to a month before noticing a visible build up that would warrant a cleaning of the fans.


That said, if you smoke in the house or have certain kinds of pets, you are going to notice that the fans may get dirtier, faster.


The same can be said for underneath and inside your furniture. Granted, we’re going to clean inside, around and underneath all of your furniture for every visit, but this isnt necessarily what you need to do, say, every day in order to ensure good air quality in your home.

Image of a house cleaner getting ready to clean inside a sofa on a bi-weekly house cleaning visit.

In our house for example, we usually vacuum inside the furniture twice a month and that seems to do the trick!

Another area that may or may not need a higher frequency of cleaning would rooms like guest bedrooms which tend to have low traffic.

Now here in Plano, we get alot of dust and we suggest a maximum of one month in between cleanings in a guest bedroom. For all other bedrooms, we suggest at least an every two week clean.

Weekly House Cleaning

Weekly house cleaning is a great option for folks with large families, lots of pets and generally homes with a lot of traffic. Think “active teenagers.” Weekly house cleaning is also good for folks who have strong allergies and need impeccable air quality.


Usually one week here in Plano isnt enough for hard water stains to accumulate, meaning anyone on a weekly cleaning frequency could expect very little visible accumulation around the drains in the showers and sinks. Same can be said for the tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Bi-weekly House Cleaning Frequency

To be honest, bi-weekly cleaning is kind of the sweet spot when it comes to ongoing house cleaning. Its our most popular ongoing house cleaning frequency and for good reason. 


With a bi-weekly clean, you are going to get a nice cadence in terms of cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, underneath the furniture, and all of the other areas of the home we are going to clean for every visit.


And while this wont necessarily keep your showers and counters impeccable in between cleanings, it’ll certainly do a dent on dust accumulation and improve your air quality and overall cleanliness.

Bi-weekly cleanings are great for families, pet owners, and an executive couple or even a single person who appreciates having a very clean home throughout the year.


With Dallas Sunrise Maids, the price difference between a bi-weekly cleaning and a monthly cleaning is exactly $20, or $10/week. That’s because it takes us a bit longer to clean a home on a bi-weekly basis than it would on a weekly basis. Same to be said with house cleaning pricing between a bi-weekly cleaning and monthly visits.


Monthly House Cleaning

If you love the idea of recurring house cleaning but dont really have the budget for the cleaning frequencies mentioned above, fret not! The monthly cleaning schedule could be a great fit for you.


With monthly cleanings, you can expect a deep cleaning of your home for every visit. This will of course put a number on dirty baseboards, inside of your sofas, ceiling fans, the dust behind your TVs and all of the areas that your general cleaning maintenance may not be getting.


Monthly cleanings are perfectly suited for families with or without children, pet owners or non-pent owners, as well as single folks who aren’t necessarily looking for an impeccable home year round. Granted, on the day that we get over there to clean, your place is going to look fabulous. But between cleanings, you may see some accumulation of hard water around the drains, some dust building up on the ceiling fans, and depending on how often you are keeping up with the cleaning, some grout staining.


Monthly cleanings are also great for folks to tend to travel a lot, since lower traffic in the home tends to create a less dirty environment.


How to Determine House Cleaning Frequency

While budget is an important consideration, it’s not the only thing to think about when trying to determine how often you should have house cleaners come to your home.


I think “tolerance” is also something one should consider when deciding on a house cleaning frequency.

Because if you are someone who isn’t bothered by a little dust building up in between cleanings, then you’d definitely get a lot of value with selecting a monthly frequency for your house cleaners.


If you entertain in your home, have infants, or pets that tend to shed a lot, you might want to consider a higher frequency of your cleaning visits, such as weekly or bi-weekly. 


Whatever house cleaning frequency you choose, just remember that with Dallas Sunrise Maids, you’ll always have the same two person team with no contracts to sign 🙂

Life's too short to spend time cleaning your house.

Dallas Sunrise Maids takes the burden of cleaning off your shoulders so you can spend more time with those you love and pursue your passions guilt-free.

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