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How Much Should I Tip My House Cleaner?

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Ahh the age old question, to tip or not to tip your house cleaner.

These days, it feels like we get inundated with that not-so-subtle “you’ll see one last question” comment from the barista at Starbucks or the cute girl selling brownies at the farmers market after you insert your credit card. We all know what that one question is: How much you would like to add as a tip?

And unlike the restaurant industry, where a 20% tip is the gold standard, when it comes to tipping your house cleaner there is no industry standard.

That said, we wrote this guide to give you an idea about how to handle certain scenarios with a house cleaner when it comes to giving something extra.

And for any of our current house cleaning clients reading this article, please know that
1) Our teams never expect a tip, so please dont ever feel pressure to leave one
2) Should you ever decide to leave a tip for your cleaning team, they will get 100% of it
3) We believe tipping should be for going above and beyond and not standard

Tipping For A One Time Deep Clean

In this scenario, lets say you’ve just had a house cleaning company come in for a one time clean. The idea is that maybe this a move out cleaning or perhaps just a one time deep cleaning and not regular ongoing house cleaning service.

The First Impression

We’d like to assert that the first thing to think about is how you feel during your initial reaction with the cleaners. Now of course this is subjective but these people are going to be in your home for at least a few hours, so you should ask yourself “what kind of energy are they bringing into my home?”

These days, there are cleaners who are hoo-hum and just not happy to be there. They may end up doing a fabulous job and they should get what they charge, however that may not be grounds for a tip.

On the other hand, if your cleaning team gives off a vibe of “Im happy to be cleaning your home today”, that might be grounds for leaving a tip.

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The Condition Of Your Property

When it comes to tipping your house cleaner, the condition of your property plays a pivotal role. Most people don’t hire a house cleaning company for a spotless home; they hire them to tackle the everyday messes and occasional chaos. This is where the real magic happens – transforming the chaos into cleanliness.

But here’s the key factor to consider: if you haven’t had the opportunity to conduct a pre-clean, you may have unintentionally created extra work for the house cleaning team. 

Imagine this scenario: You’ve had a busy week, and the clutter has taken over. Toys are scattered, dishes are piling up, and the laundry seems to have multiplied overnight. If your home resembles this description when the cleaners arrive, they’re facing a more significant challenge. They’ll need to pick up and organize before they can start the deep cleaning process. 

This means more time and effort on their part and potentially more time on the job that wasnt originally contemplated in the pricing. 

The more time they spend decluttering, the less time they have for the thorough cleaning that you expect. It’s not about their ability or dedication; it’s about the reality of the situation. 

So, if your home is in this state, it’s worth considering leaving a tip. It’s a way of showing appreciation for the extra effort required due to the condition of your property. 

Basically tipping in this scenario is a way to acknowledge that your team went the extra mile to ensure your home is as clean as possible, despite the initial challenges.

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Did the Details Make the Difference?

Many of our clients already know that our commitment to cleanliness goes beyond the basics and often includes certain details. Things like making the bed, arranging the towels, and leaving little details in the bathrooms are standard protocol for all Dallas Sunrise Maids house cleaning clients.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind as the final point in assessing how  much if anything you are tipping your cleaning crew is  “ Did the details make the difference?” 

Did you notice that your cleaning team went above and beyond just a standard house clean? How did the house smell after they finished up? How did the sofa cushions look? If your answer is “spectacular” or “wow” then you might consider leaving a tip.

How much should you leave as a tip is really and truly up to you, because there is no standard amount for tipping.

woman vaccumming a floor
Should I Tip My Regular Housecleaner?

If you are using a house cleaning company for regular ongoing cleaning, you may want to consider tipping on the first visit to get the relationship kicked off in a nice way. We suggest something nominal that might be enough for them lunch.

This small amount would set a precedent of recognizing their work, however be small enough where it would not be expected or “counted on” for every visit.

Some of our house cleaning clients choose to tip on every visit. Please keep in mind that tipping for every cleaning visit is the exception and not the norm.

If fact, when we asked a few of the industry veterans on our team, they told us that “It’s nice when a new customer gives us a tip, but most of our tips from regular ongoing customers come right around the holidays. 

The generally accepted tipping amount for an ongoing house cleaner during the holidays might be the equivalent of one house cleaning visit and in some cases perhaps it’s even accompanied by a small non-monetary gift. This would be a one time recognition of their service for the year.


Life's too short to spend time cleaning your house.

Dallas Sunrise Maids takes the burden of cleaning off your shoulders so you can spend more time with those you love and pursue your passions guilt-free.

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