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6 Winter Organizing Projects For Your Home

closet organizing projects

Winter is the perfect time to tackle some organizing projects and get your home back in order. From decluttering closets and drawers to taking inventory of items around the house, these 6 easy winter organizing projects will help make your home feel cozier!

1) Declutter Closets and Drawers

Decluttering is important for creating order and peace of mind. But keeping the closets and drawers in your home organized is no easy task. In fact, it can manage to be both tedious and overwhelming if you do it all at once! 

So, start small. You may want to begin by getting rid of items that are rarely used or are not needed anymore. Then you can invest in some organizers to keep everything that you still need in its place.

2) Organize Your Pantry

When it comes to organizing your pantry, start by taking out all expired foods and non-perishable items that you no longer need or have too much of. Once you have cleared out the unnecessary products, start sorting food items into categories keeping things together like canned goods, snacks, cereals, etc. 

You can store them in designated baskets, create labeled bins or even use a shoe box to separate small dry goodies such as nuts and candy bars. 

3) Declutter Your Medicine Cabinet

You may not have done this one in a while! Start by removing everything from the medicine cabinet – from expired over-the-counter medications to ancient beauty products. Then, inspect what you’ve taken out and discard anything that has exceeded its expiration date or isn’t useful anymore. 

Finally, you can organize what is left, keeping similar products together in an easily identifiable way. You can also use storage containers like bins, drawers, or baskets to keep everything neat while allowing easy access when needed.

4) Create a Donation Bin

Instead of letting unwanted items pile up in your home, create a designated donation bin. As you declutter and organize, add any items you no longer need to the bin. Then, once it’s full, take it to your local charity or drop-off location.

5) Spruce Up the Living Room

Now onto the living room! Start decluttering and clearing away any loose items. Then, focus on rearranging existing furniture to create a refreshed look. 

Consider adding bold pillows or colorful rugs for different tastes and styles. Take inventory of what you have and purchase any additional pieces that will bring your vision to life. With just a few projects completed this winter, you can transform your living room into your private oasis!

6) Clean Out the Fridge

Cleaning your fridge can help keep things tidy and make it easier to find items you need without making a huge mess. It will leave your fridge fresh and ready for stocking up with all the groceries you’ll need for delicious winter comfort meals.

Make sure to remove all spoiled or expired food, and then wipe down the shelves. You never know what has spilled or leaked on those at some point!


You’ll have a fresh and organized home in no time by taking a few hours out of your day to tackle these projects. So, get ready for winter by tackling these 6 easy winter organizing projects today!

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