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How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Maid Service In Plano, TX

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In this article, you’ll discover a few tips and tricks when it comes to make sure you get the most value out of your maid service. This includes everything from the “pre-clean” all the way down to quality checks.


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The Pre-Clean

While the preclean is not essential, it’s always a good idea to give your maid service as much surface area as possible. Why? Because you want your maid focused on cleaning and not organizing and picking up things.


Here at Dallas Sunrise Maids, we have a rule and that is “if you can move it, you should clean under it.” Yet we don’t move anything over 20 pounds. That’s because we don’t want to damage your floors or cause an injury to your maid.


Things like coffee makers, flower vases and photos should all get cleaned underneath.


Try to avoid having your maid service spend cleaning time picking up dirty laundry or organizing toys. That may force them to either rush or skip over areas because they are running out of time.


To get the most value out of your maid service in Plano, you’ll want to follow the preclean checklist, before your house cleaning company arrives
  • Pick up as much dirty laundry and clothing as you can
  • Wash any dirty dishes or put them in the dishwasher
  • Pick up or at group together any toys
  • Consider decluttering your kitchen counter
  • Put away as much as you can in your bathrooms to avoid having things potentially getting put back in a different way

Getting Your Home Ready

There are a few other things you may want to do before having a maid service come by for their regular, ongoing cleaning. The same applies if you are having a maid come over to clean on a one time basis.


If the company you’ve hired includes the changing of the linens, it’s a good idea to have the clean sheets waiting for them. That way they dont end up making the beds twice, which could cost you time spent cleaning other areas.


If you have pets, you know them better than your cleaners do.


Most of our cleaning teams are pet owners themselves, and to be honest many people who end up hiring a maid service are actually pet owners too. Having pets is hardly ever an issue.

That said, if your pet is playful or protective, you may want to consider crating them or even having them outside of your home during the cleaning.


If you have cats and they are runners, make sure to tell your maid service before they come. That way the cleaners will make sure to keep the doors closed and the cats contained.

Another item to consider is furniture when it comes to getting the most value out of your maid service.

Most maid services in Plano, including us, generally try to not to move anything over 20 pounds. This is due to insurance restrictions, the potential for bodily harm, and also to make sure that we don’t damage your floors.

If you have a piece of furniture thats accumulating dust behind it, you can always pull it out.

In the case of our company, we will always vacuum inside, around and underneath all furniture. Which includes lifting up any of the cushions.
Note: This is a great way to check to see if your housekeeping company is doing a good job 🙂 Check underneath the cushions in the sofas. If they are dirty (and supposed to be being cleaned), then you know your maid service may be going a bit too

While Your Maid Is Cleaning

Many people in the maid service industry are not originally from the US. Sometimes communication can be a challenge.

Before hiring a maid, make sure that you receive an itemized list of everything that
is included. Make sure to share any information about your home with the company. Make sure to mention if your home has any kinds of antiques, or anything particularly fragile. Let them know if you have other special instructions like where to put the trash.

Once your maid arrives, it’s very possible that they do not speak English on a conversational level. Even though they look like they understand you, they may not.

This of course is not because they are being dishonest or misleading.
Your maid may be embarrassed and not have the English language skill to express themselves.

In these instances with non-english speakers, important details might
be missed or misunderstood.

We always recommend downloading the Google Translate app!
It’s a great tool for communicating with a non-English speaker to insure that you are able to get exactly what you are looking for during the house clean.

All our maid service teams have Google Translate on their phones.

Pointing Out Details

It’s always a great idea to do a full walkthrough at the end of the maid service, especially if it’s the first time. But make sure to wait until the end of t

The reason for not checking during the clean is because it’s possible that any errors or omissions you would have seen would have actually
been caught by the maids in their own final cross-check.

That said, once the maids have completed their work, it’s great to check a few areas.

Areas you may want to check to make sure you are getting the most value out of your maid service include
  • Behind the toilets
  • Under the beds
  • Underneath moveable items such as flower vases and pictures
  • Ceiling fans
  • Baseboards
Granted, it’s important to understand that all of the areas mentioned above need to be clearly “included” in what you’ve paid for. However if they are, and they are missed, you are completely in your right to point them out ot the cleaners.

Make sure to inspect the cleaning while the maids are still in your home. It can be a challenge and sometimes a frustration to need to call them back. So we always encourage folks to take their time on the walkthrough 🙂


Hopefully you found this article helpful! Because remember, the maid service industry is still a business powered by humans, and humans are inherently imperfect. What we always tell folks is that we’re shooting for “98%” because sometimes a hair or two may be missed.

Your maid service company in Plano should
be powered by people who truly care about leaving your home in much better condition than they found it. And in the end, delivering a good value!
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