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How to Check to See if a Maid is Doing a Good Job Cleaning for You

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When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re typically looking for one thing: cleanliness. You should be able to go through your home after a maid has been there and feel confident that they’ve met – if not exceeded – your cleaning expectations. After all, that’s what you’ve hired them to do, right?

While that may be true, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. Now, you may not be able to put your finger on it, but you suspect that your maid hasn’t been doing a particularly good job lately. How can you tell for sure?

Well, there are often some sure signs that your cleaner is slacking on the job. Here’s how to check if your maid is doing a good job cleaning for you.


There Are No Signs of Dust, Dirt, or Debris

If you’re getting a regular cleaning, all the commonly used areas and surfaces of your home should be free of dust, dirt, and debris. Since it can be difficult to see dust sometimes, try doing a fingertip test after your maid has left for the day. Simply run your fingertip along these surfaces to see if it collects anything. If it does, then your cleaner may be slacking on the job.

They’re Consistent

You should expect consistency from your maid. Whether it’s your first cleaning appointment or your fiftieth, the results should be roughly the same after every single visit. If you’re finding drastic changes in the quality of their cleaning over time, then they’re simply not doing their job properly. A good cleaner takes pride in their work, and applies the same cleaning standards no matter how long you’ve been with their company.

They Work at a Steady Pace

Consistency is also important when it comes to how long it takes to clean your home. For example, if your maid used to always take 2 hours to clean everything and is now only taking 1, then there’s a good chance they’ve started rushing through their shift. This means that things are probably getting missed, so be sure to check everywhere if it seems like your cleaner is in a hurry.

There’s No Leftover Residue from Cleaning Products

Your maid will undoubtedly use some cleaning products throughout your home to make surfaces really sparkle and shine. However, they need to make sure they are using and cleaning them up properly. Leftover cleaning product residue on the floor, for example, may lead to slips and falls. If you’re finding that surfaces are sticky or slippery after your maid has been through your home, then you may want to find someone else who knows how to clean up after themselves.

They’re Reliable

When you and your maid agree on a certain day and time for a cleaning appointment, you know they are going to be prompt and punctual. And, if they do happen to be late on the odd occasion, they should notify you as soon as possible and offer to reschedule if necessary. A good cleaner respects your time and your contract, and you really shouldn’t expect anything less.

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