We are still open! A note about home projects during Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

COVID-19 Update

CoronaVirus Home Sanitation Service Offer

We take home sanitation and the current health pandemic very seriously. If you are looking for a home cleaning in the Plano and greater Dallas Ft Worth area, you can count on us to be prepared to treat your home cleaning with the utmost of professionalism and care.


Rest assured, all of our cleaning crews are aware that they are on the front lines and play a critical role in cleaning and sanitizing the most important area for any family: Their home.


We have taken the following precautions in light of the Covid 19 pandemic

-All of our crews carry CDC approved chemicals, including green cleaning products

-All of our crews carry two commercial grade vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters

-All of our crews wear new face masks and gloves for every home

-All of our cleaning crews maintain a safe distance


Some things, however have not changed in our home cleaning practices.


You can expect crews to use micro fiber cloths for all touchable surfaces in your home. You can also expect all of our crews to use new micro fiber towels for each room to prevent any cross contamination. 


These microfiber cloths were created to not scratch any surfaces such as countertops and plumbing fixtures. Once the crews have finished cleaning your home, our company policy is to use a commercial grade bleach plus detergent followed by an extra long dry cycle to insure proper sterilization. 


As a company policy even prior to the Corona Virus, all of our cleaning crews are instructed to pay particular attention to high touch areas such as light switches, door knobs, counter tops, tables, and plumbing fixtures. Rest assured we have and always will pay very particular attention to high traffic areas in your home including entrance ways, hallways, doorways, the kitchen and all bathrooms.


The center for disease control confirms that cleaning with soap and water and then disinfecting all surfaces is the best method for maintaining a home free of Covid 19. That is what we have been doing for years and will continue to do.


We continue to use hospital grade, CDC approved disinfectants created for home use. 


So if you are in the Plano area and want to keep your home free of the CoronaVirus, give Dallas Sunrise Maid a call today!