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Tips for Cleaning a Gas Stove Top

Gas stove that had deep cleaning services in Plano, TX

Your gas stove is probably the favorite thing about your house, right? It adds some character in a world where almost everything is electric and looks great in your kitchen.

But while a gas stovetop looks great and works better than any other option, there can be a significant amount of buildup after using it for a long time.

Starting to get ants or insects crawling around your gas stovetop? It’s time to clean it.

Here are some tips for cleaning a gas stovetop.

Use a Strong Solution

Your gas stovetop probably has a buildup of grease and some of the food that fell into it in the past while. You need the right cleaning solution to get the job done.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are a powerful combination when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your gas stove. Scrubbing baking soda on your stove can help to remove tough stains, so spray the stovetop with vinegar and wait five to ten minutes. Sprinkle baking soda over your stovetop, then use a spray bottle to spray hydrogen peroxide over the baking soda to cover it.

After a few minutes of scrubbing, mix three parts of baking soda with a part of vinegar and water and spread on the spot. If the leftover baking soda or other dry cleaning solution remains on the stove after cleaning, do not forget to wipe it off with a microfibre cloth or vinegar. For glass pots, try washing up liquid and water in a glass hob set to remove the tough stains.

Abrasive Scouring Pads

Those tough-to-remove grease and food scraps are going to be there forever, right? Wrong.

All you need is the right tool for the job.

Get an abrasive steel wire scouring pad to get the job done right. The best part of these scouring pads is that they work on even the toughest parts of your gas stovetop. Food residue that has been building for a while doesn’t have a chance if you have the right cleaning solution and a durable and tough abrasive scouring pad.

Be sure to get in all the creases and corners so you don’t miss anything on your gas stovetop.

Clean Regularly

Instead of letting the grease and food build-up for a long time and then cleaning it, clean your gas stovetop regularly. This should be done once a week at least or more if you find that it gets dirty quickly.

To combat harder stains, spray the area with baking soda and use vinegar, wait 10 minutes and wipe the surface clean. To clean the surface of your stove, wipe it with a damp cloth to collect leftover food.

The Highlight of Your Kitchen

Your gas stovetop is the pride and joy of your kitchen and the centrepiece that makes everything work. How could you get by without a high-quality, clean gas stovetop?

Clean it regularly, deeply, and with care, and you’ll ensure that your gas stovetop keeps working for years to come.

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