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5 Ways to Declutter Your Closet Today

5 Ways to Declutter Your Closet Today

Ready to say goodbye to that dress you haven’t worn in 5 years? How about that old pair of pants that don’t fit anymore?

That’s right – today’s the day when you finally clean out the closet! While it may be hard to part with some of your beloved clothing items, taking the time to organize everything may be to your advantage. You’ll have an easier time finding everything, your clothes won’t get wrinkled from being packed in there, and, perhaps best of all, you’ll have more room for new ones!

To help you out with this potentially large undertaking, here are 5 ways to declutter your closet today.


1. Be Critical

Take a good look at each piece of clothing in your closet and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I wear this?
  • How do I feel when I wear this?
  • Is it stained? Ripped? Fading? Itchy? Ill-fitting?
  • Does this really represent me and my style?
  • Do I really love it?

If any of your answers are negative, then consider removing it from your wardrobe. You only have so much room in your closet, so make sure you keep it for your favorite items.


2. Grab Some Moral Support

Cleaning out your closet can be an overwhelming process. There are so many memories and thoughts attached to clothes that it can be hard to part with them, even if you know you’ll never wear them again. For example, a sweatshirt from an ex, or a favorite pair of pants from high school.

That’s why it can be a good idea to have a friend give you a hand. They can help support you and your decisions if you’re having a hard time letting go of certain items. Plus, they can offer their opinions. They may look forward to purging some items from your wardrobe themselves!


3. Take Everything Out

Yes, every single piece of clothing, and any other odds and ends you have stashed in your closet. Sometimes, you need to see everything at once to really get a sense of just how much stuff you’ve been storing in there.

This is also a good excuse to clean inside the closet. Sweep or vacuum the floor, dust the shelves, and get those cobwebs out of the corners. You never know when you’ll get the urge to take everything out again!


4. Donate Unwanted Clothes

Donating is a great way to get rid of your unwanted clothes. Often, you can just take them to a donation center and they’ll take care of the rest.

So, while cleaning out your closet, throw unwanted items into a donation bag. Then, take that bag to a donation center as soon as possible. The quicker you can get those clothes out of your home, the less likely you’ll be tempted to take some things back out!


5. Make a Plan to Declutter Regularly

The best way to keep your closet clean and organized is to avoid cluttering it up in the first place. Consider keeping that donation bag in or around your closet year-round so you can throw things in there as the mood strikes. It’ll be a lot easier to part with one or two items of clothing at a time than ten or twenty.


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